BUIRA Conference

University of Manchester

Borghi, P., & Murgia, A., Beyond borders: Trans-sectoral, trans-organisational and trans-national solidarities among gig workers […]

15th ESA Conference


Bottalico, A., Murgia, A., Borghi, P., Mezihora, P., Mondon-Navazo, M., Bozzon, R. & Digennaro, P. […]

Global Forum on Democratizing Work

Critical Approaches to Precarity: Work, Subjectivities and Movements  organised by Joseph Choonara, Renato Miguel do Carmo […]

ASMI conference, London, 3-4 December

Borghi, P., Murgia, A. Presentation: Claiming rights by building forms of solidarity. Cross-sectoral, cross-organisational, and […]