Pierluigi Digennaro

Pierluigi Digennaro


Pierluigi Digennaro obtained a Bachelor degree in Juridical Science for Business and a Masters degree in Law (cum laude) discussing a thesis that was awarded the AIDLASS Barassi Prize for the best thesis of the year in Italy. He completed a postgraduate specialisation and advanced professional training in HR Management and Industrial Relations afterwards. He gained his PhD in Labour law at the University of Bari, where he also served as a teaching assistant in labour and trade union law and spent a period at the University College of London as visiting PhD. He trained as a lawyer and has successfully passed the National Bar Exam.

Pierluigi was an Overseas Researcher under the postdoctoral fellowship of Japan Society for Promotion of Science at the Meiji University of Tokyo, and he also spent four months at the Waseda University of Tokyo as a visiting researcher. Two of his research projects on the topic of placement and discrimination at the workplace of persons with disabilities received funds in Italy (“L’inserimento al lavoro delle persone disabili: indagine su alcune esperienze nazionali in ambito europeo”) and Japan ("A comparative on the right to work of persons with disabilities in Japan, Europe and Italy"). He worked on several other topics, such as religious discriminations on the workplace, trade unions rights, conflict in the industrial relations, and judge-made law. His approach includes analytical, comparative and qualitative methods.

As a member of the SHARE team, in July 2019, Pierluigi started working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Social and Political Sciences of the University of Milan, where he is also teaching assistant in Labour Law (Economy and Management course) and in Migrations, Diversity and non-discrimination (course in Politics, Philosophy and Public Affairs). Within the SHARE project, he is in charge of legal analysis. He co-authored (2020), with the other members of the team, the article Hybrid Areas of Work Between Employment and Self-Employment: Emerging Challenges and Future Research Directions’ in the journal Frontiers in Sociology.

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Email: pierluigi.digennaro@unimi.it