Annalisa Murgia

annalisa murgia

Annalisa Murgia is Associate Professor in Sociology at the Department of Social and Political Sciences of the University of Milan, where she is also the Scientific Coordinator of the research centre GENDERS. Prior to this, she was Associate Professor at the Work and Employment Relations Division of the Leeds University Business School (2017-2018), where she is currently Visiting Senior Research Fellow.

She is the Principal Investigator of the PRIN project Midi Work (2023-2025) and of the ERC Starting Grant project SHARE – ‘Seizing the Hybrid Areas of work by Representing self-Employment’ (2017-2024). In 2015-2016, she was the Scientific coordinator of the European FP7 project GARCIA – ‘Gendering the Academy and Research: Combating career Instability and Asymmetries’ at the University of Trento. In 2012-2013, she worked at the Université de Louvain (UCL) with a Marie Skłodowska Curie Incoming Fellowship.

Her main research interests lie in sociological qualitative and ethnographic studies. In particular, the lines of research around which her current scientific production is articulated focus on precariousness and its implications for workers’ agency, emerging forms of collective organising, and the social construction of gender in organisations.

Annalisa is part of AcademiaNet, the Expert Database of Outstanding Women Academics. She is a member of the editorial board of the journals ‘Organization’, ‘Studi Organizzativi’, ‘Politics. Rivista di studi politici’, ‘Indiscipline – rivista di scienze sociali’, and ‘Work, Employment and Society’ (2017-22).

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